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Question 1:

(a) Describe the Formal Software Process Model.

(b) What are the main strengths of the Formal Software Process Model ?

(c) Why is the Software Process Model nevertheless not used for mainstream software development ?

Question 2:

(a) Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram for the given case study. Show entities and relationships on the diagram (attributes should not be shown). Cardinality and optionality of relationships should be shown.

(b) Analyse the structure of Entities 1a Person Criminal and E1b Person Non-Criminal from a data redundancy perspective (Tip: specify whether there is redundancy, whether it is justified and how it can be corrected, if necessary)

(c) There is a requirement to have some statistics on the different types of offences committed per Police Station for a given period. Describe how this could be obtained (modify event model and data models if necessary).

(d) The current data model assumes that each occurrence reported has got only one victim. Modify the data model to include the possibility of having more than one victim for an occurrence reported by a person.

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