Describe the different types of frequency hoping, Computer Engineering


(a) What are the main challenges for Mobile Computing?

(b) What is the ISM band and what is particular about this frequency band? Name two wireless technologies that make use of the ISM frequency band.

(c) How would you modify the basic phase shift keying modulation technique to improve efficiency?

(d) (i) Discuss the concept of Master, Slave, Stand-by and Parked devices with respect to a Bluetooth Piconet.

(ii) Bluetooth makes use of frequency hoping for multiplexing of channel allocation. Explain what is meant by frequency hoping, hoping sequence and dwell time.

(iii) Describe the different types of frequency hoping?

(e) Describe the two different architectures supported by IEEE802.11 and how synchronisation is handled within those two different architectures.

(f) Microsoft provides specific guidelines for designing usable interfaces when developing applications for mobile devices. List six of those guidelines.

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