Describe the difference between cache and virtual memory, Computer Engineering

Question 1:

(a) What do you meant by an expert system?

(b) Describe benefits of the EDI.

(c) Describe what you understand by:
(i) File Infectors
(ii) Boot Sector Viruses
(iii) Macro Viruses

(d) Mention steps in reducing infection risks for your PC.

(e) Mention two problems spam create for a computer user.

(f) Show the different phases of the Information System Life Cycle.

Question 2:

(a) Differentiate between system software and application software.

(b) List types of RAM

(c) List types of ROM

(d) Describe the difference between Cache Memory and Virtual Memory.

(e) Describe how data is organised on a magnetic disk and a magnetic tape.

(f) Differentiate between Ink Line printers and Jet printers.

(g) What are pointing devices? List and describe two pointing devices

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