Define x-ray chest and coronary angiography, Biology

Q. Define X-Ray Chest and Coronary Angiography?

X-Ray Chest

It shows cardiomegaly with left ventricle (LV) and left atrium (LA) enlargement. There may be signs of pulmonary venous hypertension viz. pulmonary venous redistribution, interstitial edema, alveolar edema and pleural effusion. Systemic venous hypertension may cause dilatation of azygos and Superior Vena Cava (SVC).

2D Echocardiography

It shows left sided or 4 chamber enlargement with reduced EF. The wall thickness is usually normal. There is generalized hypokinesis. Occasionally segmental wall abnormalities are present Mitral and tricuspid incompetence is seen on Doppler.

Coronary Angiography

It shows normal arteries or insignificant coronary artery disease.

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