Define the term human resource accounting, HR Management

Question 1:

(a) Define the term Human Resource Accounting (HRA).
(b) What are the objectives of HRA?
(c) What are the different ways of controlling costs of manpower?
(d) Elaborate on the advantages and drawbacks of HRA.

Question 2:

Elaborate on the influencing factors that will impact on the future of HRD?

Question 3:

(a) What is the meaning of ‘evaluation of HRD programs'?
(b) Differentiate between the terms evaluation outcome and evaluation design.
(c) There are three main types of evaluation design. Explain in details

Question 4:

‘In the 21st century, the concept of HRD is being challenged on all fronts.'

In this context, explain its various components together with the associated challenges and corresponding remedies.

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