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Define the nature of force in a member of truss:

How can you define the nature of force in a member of truss?

Sol.: We know that whenever force is applied on a cross section or beam along its axis, it tries to compress it or elongate it. If the applied force tries to compress the member force is known as compressive force as shown in figure given below. If force applied on member tries to elongate it, force is called as tensile force shown in the figure given below.

798_define the nature of force in a member of truss.png

If compressive force is applied on the member as in the figure given below, the member will always try to resist this force and a force equal in magnitude but opposite in direction of the applied force will be induced in it as shown in the figure given below, Similarly induced force in member shown in the given below.

From above we can say that if induced force in member of loaded truss is like the given figure we will say nature of applied force on member is compressive. If the Nature of induced force in a member of truss like shown in the figure, then we can say that the Nature of force applied on member is tensile.

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