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Define The Names of Some Immemorial Plants?

From the time immemorial plants have been known by some name, they are common, vernacular or local names given by different persons. Thus a single plant can bear several names, or several plants can be named by the same name at different places. For example, Verbuscum has 140 names Viola (pansy) has more than150 names, Plant ago (plantain) has about 50 names. Some common names such as 'celaf., Foxtail, flame of the forest are being used for variety of plants markedly different from each other. It is, therefore, apparent that in order to avoid confusion some general principles of universal acceptance had to be adopted. Thus professional botanists gradually suggested names to all the known plants and classified them scientific way.

The scientific names and classification are published and remain unchanged - in different languages and are quoted as such universally in botanical ' 8 literature We will take an example and see how classification helps its user. For example, when a forester identifies a white oak (Quercus alba), it can reasonably be assumed that there are other individual white oaks in nature that have similar morphological features, structure and physiology. The knowledge that a plant is Quercus alba automatically predicts that much information will be applicable to that plant.

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