Define the items that an agenda contain, HR Management

Define the Items that an agenda Contain?

-An agenda contains the following items:



  • Date, time and venue of the meeting


  • Apologies for absence

Anyone who has been invited to the meeting but is unable to attend should inform the secretary in advance.

  • Minutes of the previous meeting

Participants should read these minutes before attending the meeting to make sure that they ate true record of what happened and do not contain any mistakes (minutes are a legal document). The minutes must be "confirmed" before they become official company documents.

  • Matters arising from the previous meeting

In this section, participants can check whether decisions made at the last meeting have been acted upon.

  • Main agenda: items for discussion (listed)

This is a list of topics that will be discussed at the meeting. It is the main business of the meeting.

  • Other matters

In this section, participants can raise items or issues that are not related to those on the agenda or already discussed in the meeting.

  • Date, time and venue of next meeting



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