Define the introduction about schrödinger’s atom, Physics

Define the introduction about Schrödinger’s Atom.

Introduction to the Schrödinger’s Atom:

To describe the spectral line puzzle, Bohr came up along with a radical model of the atom that had electrons orbiting near a nucleus. Bohr came up along with an extraordinary law the electrons had to obey:

Electrons can merely be in "special" orbits. All other orbits only were not probable. The electron radiates no energy as extended as this remains into its exact or stationary orbit. They could "jump" in between these particular orbits. The radiation of energy into the form of quanta takes place only while an electron jumps through one permitted orbit of higher energy to other permitted orbit of lower energy and which is why this type of physics is termed as Quantum Mechanics. Bohr was able to describe atomic spectrum of hydrogen atom, but this could not explain spectrum of elements of high atomic number. Also this could not describe Stark effect and Zeeman’s effect.

As per Schrödinger the concept of electrons going around into orbits is wrong. The Schrödinger Atom more precisely depicts what is occurrence inside atoms. Really, his model demonstrates the areas around the nucleus; there the electron will probably be determined. The idea of an electron in fact flying around in little circles became to have lots of problems, and physicists were finally forced to discard such model. We are not going to utilize "special" orbits anymore. In its place, we are going to think regarding electrons being in special energy levels. We now use this rule as:

Bigger Orbit = Higher Energy

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