Define the assessment of copper status in humans, Biology

Define the Assessment of Copper Status in Humans?

A reliable index to assess marginal copper status is currently not available. However, severe copper deficiency may be detected by one or more of the three parameters, low serum copper levels, low serum Ceruloplasmin both of which respond to copper administration; and a decline in red cell super oxide dismutase activity. Reported normal range for these parameters are as follows:

Serum copper: 64-156 mcg/dl (10-24.6 mmoles/L),

Ceruloplasmin: 18 -40 mg/dl,

 Erythrocyte SOD: 0.47 mg/g

Serum copper and Ceruloplasmin are reduced to levels far below normal in severe copper deficiency. Erythrocyte SOD in severe copper deficiency has not been reported.


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