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Define Percentages of body fat values for athletes?

Percentages of body fat values for athletes vary depending on the sex of the athlete and the sport itself. Male athletes participating in middle-distance and long-distance events and bodybuilders generally have the lowest body fat90 (less than 6%), whereas male basketball players, cyclists, gymnasts, sprinters, jumpers and wrestlers average between 6% to 15% body fat. Male athletes involved in power sports such as football and hockey have slightly more variable body fat levels (6% to 1990).

Female athletes with the lowest body fat (6% to 15%) participate in body building, cycling, and running events; higher fat levels are found in female athletes participating in swimming, tennis and volleyball (10% to 20%). Athletes should understand that they can perform well if they have the desired body fat% for their specific sport. In an attempt to attain body fat levels that are inappropriate, or have body-fat percentages below the minimal levels, they may adopt dangerous dieting pattern. Thus, they may be at risk for an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia) or other health problems related to poor energy and nutrient intakes.

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