Define nutrition management and feeding the premature infant, Biology

Define Nutrition Management and Feeding the Premature Infant

There are numerous nutritional risk factors in premature infants. These include:

  • Elevated metabolic rate, thus increasing the protein, fat, energy requirements. Excessive urinary and evaporative losses.
  • Immature gastrointestinal tract (poor gastric emptying and improper peristalsis). .
  • Respiratory distress and hypoxia,

There are number of feeding problems faced by the premature infant due to:

  • Poor sucking reflex,
  • Difficulty in swallowing and breathing,
  • Small gastric capacity,
  • Reduced intestinal motility, and
  • Getting tired easily after being fed or handled.

As for the nutritional requirements, there is an increased nutrient need due to catch- up growth with approximately 110-130 Kcal/kg body weight/day. The nutrient requirements are elaborated further herewith.

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