Define deviance- occupational crime strain and role conflict, History

Define Deviance- Occupational Crime Strain And Role Conflict

1:Define role strain and role conflict, and provide examples of each.

2:Describe the characteristics of bureaucracies.

3:Identify and explain important components of social interaction.

4:Define status and role, explain the difference between the two, provide examples.

5:Explain the difference between consensual crimes and conflict crimes, and give three examples of each.

6:Identify and explain four categories of occupational crime.

7:Define deviance; provide three examples of deviant behavior and use them to explain why deviance is socially constructed.

8:Identify and explain three micro-level theories about the cause of deviance.

9:Should obesity be stigmatized?

10:Identify and explain three meso- and/or macro-level theories about deviance.

11:Conduct an internet search using the terms Darwin and Moths ("Darwin Moths", without the quotes, works fine in Google.)  Learn about this famous example of Darwin's theory of natural selection, and write a short paragraph describing it.

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