Current funding availability, Cost Accounting

1. The Initial Borrowings required are determined by the amount required to start  the project less the Cash Invested by the Corporation.  The loans will always be principle & interest term loans with payments in advance (ie at the start of each period).

2. The Interest Rate applicable to the investment loan is the banks Prime Lending Rate.

3. The Term of the Loan is determined by several factors, including the corporations current gearing levels, the anticipated life of the project, expected net cash inflows, etc.  Note that the term of the loan will never exceed the anticipated life of the project and that where the project  is terminated(sold) prior to the end of the projects anticipated life, the loan will be repaid in full.

4. The amount of operating interest received and paid. The 'project operating bank accounts' have an unlimited overdraft facility. The corporation pays interest on a negative balance (ie overdraft) at the rate given.  This amount of interest is paid at the end of each year, calculated on the closing balance of the previous year (ie the opening balance of the current year - each investment project beginning with a zero balance) and is considered by management to be a operating expense item.  If the balance is positive at the end of a year the corporation earns interest at the rate given. 

This interest is received at the end of each year, calculated on the closing balance of the previous year (ie the opening balance of the current year) and is considered by management to be a operating income item.

5. The corporations 'project operating bank accounts' have the following arrangements;

  • Interest on positive balances is 6% lower than the Prime Lending Rate. Interest received is considered to be operating income.
  • Interest on negative balances (overdraft) is 3% greater than the Prime Lending Rate.
  • The interest is paid or earned at the end of each year is calculated on the closing balance of the previous year (ie the opening balance of the current year).  Interest paid is considered a operating expense.
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