Create a website for online sales of movies, DOT NET Programming

Niles Video Inc. wants to create a website for online sales of movies (DVD and videotapes). People will be allowed to register as customers on the website and to update their stored information. Information must be maintained about customers' shipping addresses, e-mail addresses and credit cards. In a single sale, customers will be allowed to purchase any quantity of movies. The items in a single sale will be shipped to a single address and will have a single credit card charge.

The website must provide customers the ability to store items to be purchased.  When the customer finishes shopping, he will be directed to a checkout area where payment and shipping information is entered. Once the sale is complete, the customer will be sent a receipt by e-mail.

Draw an ER diagram to represent Niles Video Inc.  Your ER diagram should include all the essential attributes for each entity to support the application.  You should use the notation that we use in the class and should include primary key information as well as cardinalities.

Translate your ER diagram into the corresponding relational database schema.

Identify the primary key for each table obtained from step 2 above (Identify the primary key for two of the tables obtained from step 2 above if you're working on this on your own.)

Using DDL, create your database obtained from step 2 above. (using H2)

Using DDL, populate the database (for all the tables in your design) with meaningful records to support the queries in question 6 below. (Using H2)

Identify the appropriate indexes for each table obtained from step 2 above (Identify the appropriate indexes for two of the tables obtained from step 2 above if you're working on this on your own.)

Write queries to answer the following questions based on your design:

Find all those customers who have not purchased anything from Niles Video Inc.

Get the total number of DVDs and video tapes sold per genre.

Get the average number of DVDs per purchase.

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