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Convert the following reduced bearings into whole circle bearings:

(i) N 65° E                          

(ii) S 43° 15′ E

(iii) S 52° 30′ W          

(iv) N 32° 42′ W

Solution: Assume 'θ' be whole circle bearing.

(i) Since it is in NE quadrant,

θ = α = 65°      Ans.

(ii) Since it is in south east quadrant

43° 15′ = 180° - θ

or         θ = 180° - 43° 15′ = 136° 45′  Ans.

(iii) Since it is in SW quadrant

52° 30′ = θ - 180°

or         θ = 180° + 52° 30′ = 232° 30′  Ans.

(iv) Since it is in NW quadrant,

32° 42′ = 360° - θ

Or        θ = 360° - 32° 42′ = 327° 18′  Ans.

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