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Ask quesYou wake up to the news that a person has been shot and killed in Big Rapids by two members of the city’s police force. The only news you have about the incident was that a man robbed a check cashing business at gun point, fled on foot and disappeared. You also learned that a person matching the description of the perpetrator was seen at a local bar and the bartender called the police to report the suspect. The police approached the suspect at the bar and he was temporarily held and “patted down” for possible weapons. Then, the suspect ran for the door. The only other news that you heard was that he was apprehended and struggled, got away again, and was shot six times by police.
As constitutional law experts, come up with five important questions you would ask before you make a judgment about the incident. There will be many more than five, but prioritize here. Keep in mind all of the cases you have studied, there are many. Explain why you would ask such questions and the rationale behind those. Submit the questions you would ask and why those are important. Limit your response to THREE pages, double spaced, twelve point font, and one inch margins.
tion #Minimum 100 words accepted#
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