Constitutional Convention Discussion, History

In 1787 a convention was held in Philadelphia to draft a new constitution. Supplement your understanding of the plans by refering to the Foner text, pp. 257-59.

Compare and contrast the Virginia and New Jersey plans presented at the Constitutional Convention. Are there structural differences? Are there differences in congressional representation? Does congressional power differ?

What do you see as the benefits of each plan? Why?

Compare and contrast the views of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Are they nationalist or states'' rights?; "democratic" or "undemocratic"? What are their perspectives on the economy and on the final Constitution?

Which of the two original plans, if either, would each man favor? Why?

How did the finished constitution impact slavery? Did the Constitution stregthen or weaken the institutuion of slavery? How? Why?

As a citizen of the new American republic in 1790, which “Founder’s” view would you have favored, and why? Which constitutional plan would you have favored, and why?
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