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Here is the income statement for Belding, Inc. BELDING Inc. Income statement for the year ended December 31, 2012 Sales $400,000 costs of goods sold 250,000 gross profit 150,000 expenses ( including $12,000 interest and $22,000 income taxes) 100,000 net income 50,000 Additional info.: 1. Common stock outstanding January 1, 2012, was 30,000 shares, and 40,000 shares were outstanding at december 31, 2012. 2. The market price of Belding, Inc. stock was $15.20 in 2013. 3. Cash dividends of $16,000 we paid, $4,500 of which were preferred stockholders. Intructions: Compute the following measures for 2012. a. earnings per share b. price earnings ratio. c. payout ratio d. times interest earned ratio

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