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Whenever the auditor recognizes a misstatement resultant from fraud, or a suspected fraud, or error, the auditor must consider the auditor’s duty to communicate that information to management, those charged with supremacy and, in some conditions, to regulatory and enforcement authorities.

Communication of Misstatements Resulting From Error to Management and to Those Charged With Governance:

When the auditor has recognized a material misstatement resultant from error, the auditor must communicate the misstatement to the suitable level of management on a timely basis, and consider the requirement to report it to those charged with governance in accord with ISA 260.

“Communication of Audit Matters With Those Charged With Governance.”:

The auditor must inform those charged with authority of those uncorrected misstatements aggregated by the auditor throughout the audit which were determined by management to be immaterial, both separately and in the aggregate, to the financial statements carried as an entire.

Communication of Misstatements Resulting From Fraud to Management and to Those Charged With Governance:

When the auditor has:

(a) Recognized a fraud, whether or not it outcomes in a material mis-statement in the financial statements; or
(b) Acquired evidence which indicates that fraud might exist (even when the potential effect on financial statements would not be material); the auditor must communicate such matters to the suitable level of management on a timely basis, and believe the requirement to report such matters to those charged with governance in accord with ISA 260.

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