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The American Heart Association (AHA) has recommended the revised Jones Criteria as a guide for ARF diagnosis. The same have been approved by WHO study group for the diagnosis of initial attack of ARF (Table 1.1). The salient clinical features for the diagnosis of ARF are given in Fig. Revised Jones Criteria are (a) Major Criteria (b) Minor Criteria.

Table Revised Jones Criteria

                                             Major Manifestations                   Minor Manifestations
                                                    Carditis                                  A)  Clinical findings
                                                  Polyarthritis                                 -   Arthralgia
                                             Erythema marginaum                       -   Fever
                                           Subcutaneous nodules                   B)  Laboratory findings
                                                     Chorea                                     -    Leucocoytosis
                                                                                                      -    Raised ESR
                                                                                                      -    Raised CRP
                                                                                                      -    Prolonged P-R Interval
  Supporting Evidence of Antecedent GAS Infection such as positive throat culture or rapid streptococcal antigen test. Elevated or rising ASO or other streptococcal antibodies titre.

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