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Causes of Fire :  The potential fire risk arises from the presence of combustible solids, liquids or gases in conjunction with ignition sources. One or more class is generally found in most laboratories.

The 10 commonest causes of accidental fire are:

i) Smoking materials (matches, cigarettes, etc.)

ii) Misusedlfaulty electrical installations

iii) Mechanically produced heat or sparks

iv) Naked lights

v) Oxyacetylene equipment

vi) Malicious or intentional ignition

vii) Children at play

viii) Gas installations

ix) Oil installations

x) Rubbish burning

Fire Hazards

And the most likely fuel sources for accidental fires are:

Waste and rubbish

Packing and wrapping materials

Flammable liquids

Electrical insulation materials

Fires are sometimes caused by the 'magnifying glass' effect of bottles and spherical flasks filled with liquid and standing in the direct rays of the sun.

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