Cash planning, Managerial Accounting

Firms need cash to invest in inventory, receivables and fixed assets and to create payments for operating expenses, so as to increase earnings and sales and make sure the smooth running of business.

In the absence of appropriate planning the firm may face two types of conditions:

i)  Cash deficit, and

ii) Cash Surplus.

In the former condition the usual working of the firm may be hampered and in excessive cases this kind of situation may cause liquidation of the firm. In the last case the firm having surplus cash might be losing out on chances of earning good returns, like the cash is remaining as idle. So as to ignore these types of conditions the firms must resort to cash planning. Cash planning is a method to control and plan the use of cash. This involves anticipating future cash flows and cash requirements of the firm. The major goal of cash planning is to decrease the possibility of idle cash that lowers the firm's profitability and also cash deficits that can cause the firms failure. Cash planning includes developing a projected cash statement from a forecast of cash outflows and inflows for a specified period. Such forecasts are depends on anticipated present or future operations. The frequency of cash planning would base on the nature and complexity of the firms operations. Generally large firms prepare weekly and daily forecasts while medium and small firms prepare per month forecasts.

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