Cash forecasting and budgeting, Managerial Accounting

A cash budget is one of the main important devices to plan and control cash payments and receipts. In preparation of a cash budget the subsequent points are considered.

  • Credit period permitted to debtors and the credit period permitted by creditors to the firm for goods and services.
  • Payment of dividends and taxes, and the month wherein such payments are to be made.
  • Non-consideration of non-cash transactions or depreciation. This type of transactions has no signify on cash flow.
  • Minimum cash balance required and the amount of credit or overdraft limit permitted by the banks.
  • Plan to deal along with cash surplus and cash deficit situations.
  • Debt repayment as time and amount.

In the figure 2 highlights the cash shortage and cash surplus position over the period of cash budget for preplanning to acquire corrective and essential steps.

1543_Cash Forecasting and Budgeting.png

Figure: Cash surplus and cash deficit situations

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