Cash flow budget, Cost Accounting

  • the total (ie. aggregated) cashflows in respect to operations, with details of annual cash inflows & annual outflows in respect to operations,
  • the total (ie. aggregated) cashflows in respect to taxation and tax related items, with details of  annual cash inflows &  annual outflows in respect to taxation and tax related items,
  • the total cashflows (ie. aggregated) in respect to investment, with details of annual cash inflows &  annual outflows in respect to investment including the sale and purchase of assets,
  • the total cashflows in respect to financing, with details of annual cash inflows & cash outflows in respect to financing,
  • and total annual net cashflow.
  • the opening balance of the account, and the closing balance
  • The format for this schedule should result in a table with a similar format to the following table

1703_Market Value Schedule1.png

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