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Q. Career planning benefits to organization?

1. Assured availability of talent: successful organizations put emphasis on growing new managers internally by the promotional from within. For growing managers internally, it is essential that there is a well worked out career path for every manager is developed to proceed effectively on this career path. From this point of view, organization wide career planning becomes a pre requisite. Changing human resource requirements over the intermediate and long term should be identified when the organization sets its long term goals. Working with the individuals employees to help them align their needs and aspirations with those of the organization increases the probability that the right people will be available to meet the organization's changing human resource requirements.

2. Attracting and retaining talent: talented people are always scarce and they can be attracted and retained in the organizations ensures them a bright future. This can be done, to a very great extent, by the effective career planning. As more individuals seek jobs that offer challenge, responsibility, and opportunity for advancement, effective career planning becomes necessary. Not only the career planning helps in attracting talented people, it helps in retaining these people by matching personal and work requirements.

3. Promotional organizational image: every year, some kind of survey is conducted by professional associations to identify the best employee in a country or in a geographical region. In this survey, high weight age is given to "matching individual and job requirements". The phenomenon of matching individual and job requirements emerges out of effective career planning. In fact, the employees are one of the best media to project the image of an organization. If their career is planned well, they will project good image of the organization. In a alternative case, a bad image is created.

4. Protecting interests of special groups of employees: an organization, being a social entity, is responsible for the society at large. Therefore, it has to take care of those social groups which are in disadvantages position like women, weaker section of the society, physically handicapped, ex service men, and so on. There is a social necessity to bring these groups at par with the others. From the organizational side, this can start at human resource planning followed by the career planning and development.

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