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can an engineer be a good human resource manager? discuss the pros and cons.

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Assignment, "effective hrm depends upon sound reward system/comment

"effective hrm depends upon sound reward system/comment

Workers perticipation, show how the process of workers participation weaken...

show how the process of workers participation weakens employer''s power in organizations in Tanzania mainland

Communication skills and motivation, Communication Skills and Motivation: ...

Communication Skills and Motivation: 1. Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another. Successful communication is much more than mere transfer of in

Requests for equipment filing printed and written material, Requests for ...

Requests for Equipment : Your main function is to provide equipment for experiment and investigations. The first stage in this process is for someone to ask you for certain it

Accident-incident record, Accident/Incident Record : All accidents, howeve...

Accident/Incident Record : All accidents, however minor, should be reported through appropriate channels. Most workplaces have an accident reporting procedure based on written rep

Evaluate this recruitment process, Question: As the newly appointed Hum...

Question: As the newly appointed Human Resource manager of an organisation, you have been entrusted with the responsibility of recruiting and selecting 5 experienced IT Technic

Discuss conflict recognition and organizational intervention, Ques1 1It is ...

Ques1 1It is claimed that industrial relations represents the 'old' world of work while HRM represents the 'new'. Critically discuss whether you agree and why.  Ans 1.The confli

What do you mean by individual and group incentives, Q. What do you mean by...

Q. What do you mean by Individual and group incentives? According to the L.G. Magginson, "Individual incentives are the extra compensation paid to an individual for all product

Explain the terms workforce diversity, Question: (a) Explain the terms...

Question: (a) Explain the terms ‘workforce diversity' and ‘diversity management'. (b) How can diversity be managed effectively? (c) Name the characteristics of an inte

Performance appraisal in job analysis, Q. Performance appraisal in job anal...

Q. Performance appraisal in job analysis? Performance appraisal: by comparing what an employee is supposed is be doing (based on the job analysis) to what the individual has ac

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