Can stroke be prevented, Biology

Can stroke be prevented

Brain experts are convinced that several strokes can be prevented with proper attention to lifestyle factors which increase risk, including smoking, excessive alcohol use, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and physical inactivity. While genetics do play a role (family members of people who have had a stroke are at increased risk), environmental factors may tip the balance in susceptible individuals. Better awareness of stroke prevention could have a huge impact on public health, as stroke is the second leading cause of disability and death worldwide.

When stroke does strike, it's critical to get medical help immediately. Time lost is brain lost, as stroke experts say and only drug currently available for acute stroke should be administered within a few hours.

Stroke often disables rather than kills, muscle spasticity, causing paralysis and cognitive impairments. New approaches to enhancing recovery from stroke capitalize on growing knowledge about the brain's innate capacity to reorganize itself in response to training.


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