Calculate the transmit power required from the satellite, Physics

1.  There are 40 such microwave hops in tandem.  What is the end-to-end C/N of the link?

2.  Assume now that these 40 hops are replaced by a single satellite hop as shown below. Also assume that the noise N at the input of the Rx is still the same as before but the following parameters change:

a.   the transmit antenna on the satellite has now a gain of 41 dB instead of 31 dB for each microwave link.  The receiving antenna gain and the receiver performance are and frequency are the same as before..

b.  The distance between the transmit antenna of the satellite and the receiving antenna is now 300 times larger.  

Calculate the transmit power required from the satellite to get the same C/N as calculated under (1) above for 40 microwave hops in tandem. Ignore the small contribution of uplink to the end-to-end C/N of the satellite hop.

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