Calculate the slope of the line, Mathematics

Calculate the slope of the line:

Example: calculate  the  slope  of  the  line  whose  equation  is  y  =  2x  +  3  and  whose y-intercept is (0,3).


y = mx + b

y = 2x + 3

m = 2

Example: Calculate  the  slope  of  the  line  whose  equation  is  2x  +  3y  =  6  and  whose y-intercept is (0,2).

Solution:     y = mx + b

2x + 3y = 6        Write in standard form.

3y = 6 - 2x

3y = -2x + 6

y = -2x  + 6 /3

y = -2/3x + 2

m = -2/3

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