Calculate the return on investments based on cash flow, Financial Accounting

This project allows you to think critically and apply decision-making management techniques. In this project,  you need to solve a bond portfolio problem, a diversified portfolio problem, and a cash flow problem. The tasks in the project pertain to the concepts of Time Value Money, Financial Return Risk, and Capital Budgeting Analysis. Diligent evaluation of these concepts by the business heads can ensure the long-term survival of a business. If you play any role in finance, or are in pursuit of one, the project learning will help you relate with the real-time requirements of the business.  
Course Objectives Tested:

1.  Calculate the return on investments based on cash flow received over time
2.  Develop a financial plan that meets the needs of the organization for cash   
3.  Prepare a budget    
4.  Evaluate the success of financial decisions    
5.  Compare and contrast different investments
6.  Compare and contrast investments that mature at different times

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