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A contractor was awarded a Contract to excavate and haul 200,000-yds3 of silty clay (USCS classification ML) with a bulking factor of 30%.  The contractor's fleet of dump trucks have a capacity of 26-yds3 and operate on a 23-minute cycle. The job must be completed in 5-working days with the fleet working at two 8-hour shifts per day. The number of trucks required is most nearly:


  • Apply a bulking factor (swell) of 30% to the total volume.
  • 200,000-yds3 x 1.30 = 260,000-yds3 (Volume to be trucked off-site)
  • 5-wd x 2-shifts x 8-hrs = 80-hrs (Total trucking hours)
  • 260,000-yds3 ÷ 80-hrs = 3,250-yds3/hr (Haulage rate per hour)
  • (26-yds3/truck ÷ (23-min/cycle ÷ 60-min/hr)) = 67.82-yds3/truck hour
  • 3,250-yds3/hr ÷ 67.82-yds3/truck-hr = 47.92-trucks use 48 trucks

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