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You are hired as a consultant to help design a digital library in which books are scanned and stored digitally and made available to users of the World Wide Web. Assume that the library contains 8192 books and that each book contains 256 pages. Each page covers 6 inches by 6 inches and will be represented at a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi) vertically and horizontally. Each "dot" will contain 16 bits of information and no data compression will be used. We assume that 1,000 users access the library simultaneously and that they request a new page every minute. The bandwidth of the channel connecting the library to the outside world is 100MHz, and has a capacity that is limited by Gaussian noise.

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(a) How many gigabytes of data are required on the storage disks?

(b) What data rate is required to connect the library to the Internet?

(c) What is the minimum signal to noise ratio that could possibly be tolerated on the channel? Express the signal to noise ratio as both a linear ratio and in dB.

(d) After analyzing the link, it was found that it has a bit error rate (BER) of 10-9. What packet size is required to ensure that the packet error rate (PER) is less than 10-5?

(e) Calculate the dynamic range of the 16-bit scanner.

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