Calculate the absolute pressure within the chamber in bars, Physics

(i) A closed system consisting of 2 kg of a gas undergoes a process during which the relationship between pressure and specific volume is pv1.3 = c. The process begins with 1 p =1bar , 3 1 v =0.5 m / kg and ends with 2 p = 0.25 bar .

Calculate the final volume in m3 and plot the process on a graph of pressure versus specific volume.

(ii) Acceleration is sometimes measured in g's or multiples of the standard acceleration of gravity. Calculate the net upward force, in newtons, that an astronaut whose mass is 68 kg experiences if the acceleration on file-off is 10 g's.

(iii) A vacuum gauge indicates that the pressure of air in a closed chamber is 0.2 bar (vacuum). The pressure of the surrounding atmosphere is equivalent to a 750-mm column of mercury. The density of mercury is 13.59 g / cm3 , and the  acceleration of gravity is 9.81m/ s2 . Calculate the absolute pressure within the chamber in bars.

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