Briefly describe market - oriented pricing characteristics, Marketing Management

Question 1:

a) Distinguish clearly between the aims and the specific objectives of a food and beverage operation. Critically assess some of the specific "qualitative" and "quantitative" objectives in Food & Beverage Operations.

b) Briefly describe market - oriented pricing characteristics.

Question 2:

a) The Gateway Hotel consists of one main kitchen, which caters for the two outlets of the hotel, the buffet and the à la carte restaurant. The kitchen serves an average of 150 covers daily for dinner. Being the newly recruited Food and Beverage Manager, you have been assigned the task of monitoring the cost of food that is served in the restaurant. Using the figures and information given below; calculate:

I. The food cost,
II. The food cost percentage for the month

As per reports, the value of closing stock for the month of December was estimated at Rs 75, 000. Requisitions from stores are done on a daily basis, which amounted to Rs625, 000.

All perishables are delivered by the supplier at the outlet on specific days, the value estimated for the month was Rs250, 000.The kitchen generates grease and steward sales, which amount to Rs1500 and Rs4400 respectively.Various complimentary items are given to VIP guests upon arrival, which amount to Rs12, 500.Gratis to bar amounts to Rs10, 500.

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