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what is sp- sp bonding

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Polymers, any information of polymers

any information of polymers

Energy of the electron in hydrogen atom is given, Energy of the electron in...

Energy of the electron in Hydrogen atom is given by: (1) E n = 131.38/ n 2 x kj mol -1         (2)  E n = 131.33/n xkj mol -1           (3) E n = 1313.3/ n 2 x kj mol

Application of electrometallurgy, Q. Application of electrometallurgy? ...

Q. Application of electrometallurgy? In theory, aluminium metal would be made the same way. But, aluminium trichloride is covalent and it does not conductor of electricity. As

Insulating vessel having negligible heat capacity, 2 Kg of ice at -20 degre...

2 Kg of ice at -20 degree C is diverse with 5Kg of water 20 degree C in an insulating vessel having negligible heat capacity. Measure the final mass of water remaining in the con

Explain kararch effect, In the addition of the hydrogen, halide to unsatura...

In the addition of the hydrogen, halide to unsaturated alkenes in the presence of peroxides the halide adds to the carbon atom correlated to more number of hydrogen atoms and hydro

Isolation of important transition metals, Q. Show the Isolation of Importan...

Q. Show the Isolation of Important Transition Metals? Involved in the extraction of metals. Describe the extraction of important transition metals of the first transition serie

Anamalous behaviour of lithium, why lithium is the strongest reducing agent...

why lithium is the strongest reducing agent in alkali metals

Chemistry in action - antiseptics, Chemistry in action - Antiseptics Th...

Chemistry in action - Antiseptics The chemical substances that are utilized to kill or avoid the growth of micro-organisms are known as antiseptics. These are not harmful to li

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