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Difference between beta and gama taxonomy

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Explain the selective media - culture media, Explain the Selective Media - ...

Explain the Selective Media - Culture Media? It is used to select specific groups of bacteria by favouring the growth of desired bacteria and inhibiting the growth of undesired

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How many times more acidic is a pH=4 from a pH=7 solution?

Determine the resonance frequency analysis, Resonance Frequency Analysis ...

Resonance Frequency Analysis Resonance Frequency Analysis: A non invasive device based on the principles of resonance frequency analysis (RFA) has been developed to measure pri

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Define Classification of functions of minerals?  The varied functions of minerals can be grouped under four general physiologic roles viz. Structural: They form an integ

Rabbit, reproductive system of rabbit

reproductive system of rabbit

Define homogenization or blending of food sample, Define Homogenization or ...

Define Homogenization or Blending of Food Sample? Food homogenization - Liquid food samples are mixed manually before analyzing whereas solid foods are homogenized in a diluent

., what is nuclus

what is nuclus

Gonad glands, what are the gonad gland disorders and what do they do

what are the gonad gland disorders and what do they do

What percentage of the offspring will have purple flowers, Purple(P) flower...

Purple(P) flowers are dominant and white(p) flowers are recessive. A homozygous dominant purple flower is crossed with a homozygous recessive white flower. what percentage of the o

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