Best form of management development and training, HR Management

Question 1:

Below are criticisms about Training and Development Practices:

(a) Training and development are often not fully integrated into the management process.
(b) Training and development activities perpetuate ‘introverted' management.
(c) The priority given to training and development depends too much on the attitudes of individual managers.
(d) Much training and development is insufficiently related to individual needs.

To what extent do you believe these criticisms to be justified? How can they be prevented or minimized?

Question 2:

The main factors in any training situation are motivation, association (i.e. cues and responses) and reinforcement. Explain why each of these elements are critical in re-skilling a workforce.

Question 3:

‘Sending someone on a course is often the last resort of a guilty manager.'

(a) the reasons why courses may not be the best form of management development and training; and
(b) what other approaches could be more fruitful

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