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Q. Basic Operation of  P-channel enhancement MOSFET?

In the fabrication of a p-channel depletion field-effect transistor, the gate is insulated from the channel. Therefore, the gate current is negligible regardless of the gate voltage with respect to the source. For this reason, the PDFET is also referred to as an Insulated Gate Field-Effect Transistor (IGFET).The channel has finite conductivity and allows the current to flow from source to drain when the drain is held at a negative potential with respect to the source even when the gate is an open circuit. Thus, a P-DFET is a normally ON device. The gate enables us to control the current in the device until the gate voltage becomes greater than or equal to the pinch-off voltage and the P-DFET turns OFF.It has got two modes of operation:

(1)Depletion mode operation and

(2)Enhancement mode operation.

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