Basic key characteristics of the balance sheet approach, HR Management

Question 1:

a) Could Multinationals be concerned about Expatriate Failure? If so, why?

b) Explain the importance of Training and Development in Expatriate Assignment.

c) What are the most important factors involved in the selection decision of Expatriate?

Question 2:

(a) Describe the Going Rate approach to international compensation.

(b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Going Rate Approach?

(c) What are the basic key characteristics of the Balance Sheet Approach?

Question 3:

Human resource management is more challenging for a multinational business than a strictly domestic business. Discuss three main factors which contribute to the complexity of International HRM.

Question 4:

(a) In what ways can Trade Unions limit the strategic choices of Multinationals?

(b) Why is it difficult for Trade Unions to impose on Multinationals?

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