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The mass flow rate is 28kg/s in an axial flow gas turbine that develops 3.5MW. The stagnation conditions are 780KPa and 730 deg.C. at the entry. At the exit of the nozzle, the static pressure is measured as 479Kpa and the corresponding absolute flow is 70 deg. to the axial direction. Assuming that the velocity is constant across the stage and the gas enters and leaves the stage without any absolute swirl, determine (i) the nozzle exit velocity, (ii) the blade speed (iii) the total-to-total efficiency (iv) the stagnation reaction. The Soderburg correlation for estimating blade losses should be used in this problem. For the gas assume that Cp = 1.148KJ(kgK) and R = 0.287 KJ(kgK)
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