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Ask que Discover ambiguities or omissions in the following statement of requirements for part of a ticket-issuing system: An automated ticket-issuing system sells rail tickets. Users select their destination and input a credit card and a personal identification number. The rail ticket is issued and their credit card account charged. When the user presses the start button, a menu display of potential destinations is activated, along with a message to the user to select a destination. Once a destination has been selected, users are requested to input their credit card. Its validity is checked and the user is then requested to input a personal identifier. When the credit transaction has been validated, the ticket is issued.

Q2) (2 points) Rewrite the above description using the structured approach described in this chapter.Resolve the identified ambiguities in an appropriate way.

Q3) (2 points) Write a set of non-functional requirements for the ticket-issuing system, setting out its expected reliability and response time. stion #Minimum 100 words accepted#
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