Ash content of a foodstuff, Chemistry

Q. Ash content of a foodstuff?

Ash content of a foodstuff represents inorganic residue remaining after destruction of organic matter. It may not be the exact measure of the total mineral content as some changes may occur due to volatilization of some components or some interaction between constituents. High ash content or a lower alkalinity of ash may be suggestive of the presence of adulterants. The process of combustion evaporates moisture and oxidizes the organic matter to vanish in air. The incombustible residue is the ash. The major constituents of the ash in flours are calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, halogens, silica or sand or silicious matter. The complete ashing is indicated by the absence of ember like glow in the ash when the crucible is observed immediately after taking it out of the furnace.

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