Appropriate method adopted is to make new laws, Business Law and Ethics

Appropriate method adopted is to make new laws

The more appropriate method adopted is to make new laws in compliance with the international laws because it would not only help in better understanding but, would also lead to more efficient legislative measures, beneficial for implementation. For example, Pakistan Penal Code provision 302 relates to murder and is in compliance with the international genocide convention. However, there are several treaties in which implementation organizations are specifically made in order to ensure  enforcement  and  create  obligations  on  a  State.  For  example,  Chemical  weapons Convention implementation order 2000 was ratified by Pakistan and made it mandatory to abide by it and refrain from the production, and transportation of weapons. Similarly, after 9/11, Anti Terrorism Act  1997  Section  11,  (25)  amendments were  made  regarding  terrorism,  entirely changing the basic form of legislation, and the reason being to make domestic law in line with the international law. Furthermore, resolutions are passed by the UNSC to create an obligation on the States to follow certain international laws e.g. Resolution 1267 and 1373.

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