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Application of Satellite Communication started with the installation and commissioning of STD- “B” Earth Station having 11m diameter antenna in 1982, Initially with to only three carriers. Gradually circuits in this Earth Station started growing. This was the first gateway for international traffic at that time. Later on V-Sat hub also added to provide rural connectivity where establishing micro-wave or optical-fibre network is not possible. . Nepal is a mountainous country where 75% of the areas are geographically isolated and inaccessible, making it very difficult to provide communication systems. Government of Nepal has the policy to connect each and every village development committees (VDC) and provide reliable communication. It has raised very enthusiastic and ambitious national slogan “Every hand should have mobile and every home should have internet”. To achieve this goal, across the geographically inaccessible areas, Sagarmatha Earth station has played a vital role by enabling Satellite based Communication Systems. Sagarmatha Earth station is also working as a gateway for international traffic which has 37 carriers of 2 Mbps link, directly connected with 18 countries and 12 operators with about 4587 international voice circuits. Total 5 different systems from this Earth Station are operating for various types of services on 24*7 basis. So reliability of this earth station is very important. A short description of all the systems is given below:





Installed Date




11 m




16.4 m




9 m










International IDR carrier

International IDR carrier,


Occasional TV, Internet down link


STM    V-Sat,    R-Sat,    CDMA GSM back haul



6.4 m


Back haul for CDMA & GSM

for  rural  communication,  F1

Station      for      rural      voice communication, R-SAT





Back haul for CDMA, GSM, Voice     &     Data     for     rural






Test terminal for remote site

for voice





Test terminal for CDMA back

haul link





Test  terminal  for  GSM  back haul link

Total No of  antennas=8

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