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Animation, Video and Digital Movies : These are sequences of bitmapped graphic scenes or frames, quickly played back. But animations can also be made inside the authoring system through quickly changing the location of the object to produce an appearance of motion. Most authoring tools adapt either a frame or object oriented approach to animation but rarely both.

Movie making tools receive advantage of QuickTime and Microsoft Video for Windows also termed as AVI that is Audio Video Interleaved technology and let you make, edit and present digitized video motion segments generally in a minute window in your project.

To create movies from video you require special hardware to convert the analog video signal to digital data. Movie making tools such as Premiere, Video Shop and Media Studio Pro let you edit and assemble video clips captured from camera, tape and other digitized movie segments, scanned image, animations and from digitized audio and MIDI files. The completed clip usually with added transition and visual effects can then be played back either stand alone or windowed inside your project.

Morphing is an animation technique which permits you to dynamically blend two even images creating a sequence of in-between pictures which played back rapidly in fast Time, metamorphoses the first image in the second. For illustration a racing car transforms in a tiger and a daughter's face turns into her mother's.


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