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how alkenes oxidise with potassium

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Elementary composition of the compound, In early Greece, water was consider...

In early Greece, water was considered one of the four basic "elements" (earth, wind, and fire as the others) in the universe. With the discovery of more basic constituents, the ter

Dihydric alcohols - hydrocarbon, Dihydric alcohols - Hydrocarbon These ...

Dihydric alcohols - Hydrocarbon These are compound consisting of two hydroxyl sets. These are dihydroxy components of alkanes. Their common formula is A n H 2n+2 O 2 . The very

Factors affecting chemichal shift ., 1.sheilding & de-sheilding 2.magnetic ...

1.sheilding & de-sheilding 2.magnetic anisotropy 3.hydrogen bonding

#title., .how decompose water to form in heat

.how decompose water to form in heat

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