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Air Filter Cleaning :  Air filter filters the air, which enters into the carburetor. Then, this air mixes with fuel and this mixture enters into engine. If air is not clean, it will have an abrasive effect on the combustion chamber, piston and rings. This reduces engine performance and its life. Hence, air filter needs to be cleaned periodically.


  • Remove the left side cover of the motorcycle.
  • Remove the air filter cover.
  • Remove the air filter element holder from the mounting clamp.
  • Remove the air filter element.
  • Check the air filter element for any damage and replace if necessary.
  • Clean the air filter element in kerosene by squeezing into two folds as shown in the illustration.
  • Air is sprayed properly in case of paper filter.
  • Apply SAE 90 Grade oil on the surface of the element.
  • Clean the air filter compartment with a clean cloth.
  • Install the air filter element on the holder and install the mounting clamp.
  • Install the air filter cover and left side cover.

Important points to remember:

  • The air filter element should not be squeezed in the way as shown. This action may damage the element and increase the size of perforations in the element. This would reduce the filtering efficiency of the element.


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