After working for 30 years, Ramjee Somjee Dutt, Operation Management

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After working for 30 years, Ramjee Somjee Dutt opted for VRS and started a courier company and did
very well in the first four years. He was now looking for expansion of his business and decided to
venture into Road transportation business between Chennai and Mumbai and Mumbai and Delhi as he
felt that he could do well on this line. However before taking a final decision he hires your
Management Consultant firm formed by yourself. He has requested you to work out the Price to quote
his clients for these two routes considering the costs involved. He expects to earn a minimum profit of
Rs 1000 per day per truck after meeting all expenses. Your analysis of market conditions tell you the
Vehicle cost Rs 7 lacs Depreciation 15 % Maintenance costs per day Rs 150 Drivers monthly Salary
Rs 5000 : Attendants monthly salary Rs 3000 . Misc expenses Rs 200 per day. Driver allowance is Rs
125 per day and attendant gets Rs 75. Diesel cost per liter is Rs 25 and the vehicle gives an average
mileage of 4 km to a liter. The Financial institutions offer loans at 10 % interest pa, which Ramjee has
been negotiating. It has been observed that on an average the vehicle covers 400 km per day. The
distance between Mumbai to Delhi is 1500 km and Mumbai to Chennai is 1350 km. The driver gets
rest day in Mumbai only for one day after they return from any trip.

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