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PIAC was apparently negatively affected by the safety and health concerns of the EU. With 27 countries raising public concern, PIAC's corporate image is likely to have been spoilt by the ban. For businesses such as airline companies, safety and health are paramount. Hence, any negative news is likely to spoil PIAC's corporate image, perhaps irrevocably. In order to compete with larger and more established airlines in overseas markets, PIAC will oblige to restore public confidence. If the EU's claims are unjust, then PIAC will oblige to correct this position. The use of a public relations company may therefore prove useful. Indeed, some would argue that if PIAC did not contest the ban, they would be admitting to pitiable quality standards at the airline. Ordinarily, corporate image would be one of various variables that affect the success of a business in international markets. However, in this case it is absolutely vital.

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